• Master tipsters cap off brutal week

    Tomihmv and varin are once again in bookie-frighteningly exceptional form

    For weeks, we have reported one great performance after the other, especially for higher level tipsters. The great run continues, and what better time to pick than one of the main events of the year, Euro 2016. Our two football freak Masters, Tomihmv and varin celebrated the occasion in style.

    Tomihmv, who is still leading the tipster rankings, only posted two tips, but these were enough for +8.63 units, or 78% ROI. He hasn't once stuttered since rising to the - currently - highest level, making 40 tips for +37.21 profit for over 20% ROI since May 3, when he was promoted to Master.

    Tomihmv's last 30 days were exceptional

    However, all this is not enough to make him a comfortable number 1, as varin is right on his heel with an equally awesome performance, which means he as well is over 3000 points. He made 65 tips over the course of the week, which was good for +21.65 units. For the whole month, the numbers are even more extreme: 286 tips and +112.48 profit.

    Varin is nearing 1800 career tips, and still no sign of slowing down

    Having a slightly less outstanding week was our still only Senior, mr.blonde. His May results make up for this, as his ROI was 21.25% for the fifth month. In essence, the top 3 tipsters are in top gear ahead of an event to be looking out for, the Euro 2016, which will receive extended coverage among them.

    The Junior group did not see lot of movement, only dr_szamoca and Kormanyzo21 switched places, meaning the head count will stay the same. The former must not be surprised about the promotion, or the 14 places he jumped on the leaderboard, as he too had a fabulous week, making six tips for +27.88 profit. The greatest jump however was fawkes with 16 places and +21.65 units. The biggest drop belonged to WBT with 13 lost places.

    Tipster rankings for June 7th

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