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  • I am a tennis tipster. My betting philosophy or strategy if you like is value betting. Instead of trying to pick winning tips I look to spot value. When I post a tip it is not becasue I think it will win. It is because I think the probability of the tip winning is higher than that implied by the actual odds on offer. I believe this is the only way to achieve long term profitability over the bookmakers. My method is simple. I extensively research the players/matches/markets that interest me and analyze a number of key stats and variables in order to calculate my own odds. I add some margin for error and compare this price with the bookmakers’. If the odds offered by the bookmakers are higher by a meaningful margin I will post a tip. The majority of my tips come with a short analysis to share my findings and key stats. I believe it is very important to be able and willing to explain the reasons for a tip.  It’s part of the skill. I normally use level stakes but if the value is too good I may raise the stake occasionally.

    Remember:  1. investing in sports betting is a marathon with the aim of making a long term profit,  2. value is everything because that is where long term profits come from,  3. patience is key because chasing losses or overexposing your bankroll will get you bankrupt in no time

    Comments are always welcome and I am happy to answer questions as well. Good luck.