About Logibet.com

Members of Logibet.com can buy sportsbetting tips from professional tipsters who have proven to be profitable in the long run. Members can also join as tipsters.


Buying tips

To be able to see tips, first you have to buy a subscription in the Buy Subscription menu. With an active subscription, you can view most of the tips posted on the site, or subscribe to receive notifications of any tipster's tips individually. Some tipsters require an individual subscription and are marked separately in the tipster ranking. In addition, there are also free tips on the site, which can be viewed after logging in.


Basic rules of purchasing tips

  • Purchased picks are for personal use only. Publicizing, sharing, or forwarding picks are strictly prohibited and will result in exclusion without refund.
  • Our users with an active subscription can view their active, pending and closed tips, depending on the type of package they have. After your subscription expired or never had a subscription, you can only access archive tips.
  • When you purchase a subscription, the service provider warns you that the subscription is automatically renewed. Accordingly, there is no possibility of any kind of refund of the subscription fee.


Cost of subscription

   Basic package
  • Logibet operates with a monthly subscription model. Subscribing enables all the tips immediately, and after expiration, tips are hidden, even if they were posted before the end of the subscription period
  • Payments are recurring by default, but you have the option to cancel your subscription any time.

You can select from these packages:

  • 1 month: €29.99
  • 3 months: €79.99 (€26.66 / month)
  • 6 months: €149.99 (€24.99 / month)

SuperTipster package

  • Logibet operates with a monthly subscription model. Subscribing enables all the tips immediately, and after expiration, tips are hidden, even if they were posted before the end of the subscription period
  • Payments are recurring by default, but you have the option to cancel your subscription any time.

You can select from these packages:

  • 1 month: €54.99
  • 3 months: €144.99 (€48.33 / month)
  • 6 months: €269.99 (€44.99 / month)

Based on the performance of the SuperTipster, the subscribers are entitled to a profit guarantee in the following circumstances:

- they have a 1-, 3-, or 6-month PRO subscription
- during the subscription period, the SuperTipster makes a negative profit (the number of units the SuperTipster makes during the subscription period is less than 0)
- the subscription period means the duration between the start and the end/renewal of the subscription (1, 3 or 6 months)
- before validating the profit guarantee, we analyze the results of all of the events, which kicked off during the subscription period
- the subscriber sends an email in 7 days after the subscription period to info@logibet.com to claim the refund
- before refunding the subscription fees logibet.com reviews each profit-guarantee request
- if the subscriber does not cancel their recurring subscription before the end of the subscription period, the price of their new subscription will be refunded to their Paypal or Skrill accounts (based on the deposits) in 7 days
- the subscriber needs to opt-in for the profit guarantee in 7 days after canceling the subscription via email (at info@logibet.com) in order to be entitled to the free PRO subscription, which will be credited to their accounts in the following 3 days
- the profit guarantee is based on the statistics of the SuperTipster during the subscription period (calculated with the stake determined by the SuperTipster)
- in case of a renewal of the subscription, subscribers become entitled to the profit guarantee again
- the duration of the profit guarantee renews after the renewal of the PRO subscription (regardless of the length of the subscription period)
- the subscribers can only request the profit guarantee once / subscription period
- subscriber only uses logibet.com's service according to the T&C, any violation of the T&C can lead to permanent ban and exclusion of the profit-guarantee promotion
- email notification is not obligatory to be entitled to the profit guarantee
- if the PRO subscription discontinues - because of any unforeseeable reason -, resulting in a partial or full refund, the subscriber is no longer entitled to the profit guarantee
- the results of the bets the subscriber places at any sports betting site form no basis for the entitlement of the profit guarantee
- subscribers who subscribe to any of the packages at a discount are not entitled to the profit guarantee
- logibet.com reserves the right to change to conditions of the profit guarantee at any times


3. Individual subscriptions

  • Individual subscriptions are made available by Logibet on a case-by-case basis to individual tipsters
  • the prices of individual subscriptions may vary from one tipster to another
  • we do not always offer 3 or 6 month subscription options for tipsters
  • for some tipmasters, the number of subscribers is capped to ensure quality of service
  • for individual subscriptions, we are not in a position to offer refunds on auto-renewing subscriptions


How can I get the tips?

Currently, subscribers can receive tips via email notification and push messaging. For email notification, the gmail service is the most reliable, so it's the recommended email address.
Push messages use your browser to send a notification to your computer or phone. The push system can be used on all systems except iOS products. Recommended system-browser pairing:
  • Windows-Mircrosoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  • Android: Google Chrome, Opera.
  • Mac OSX: Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
  • Linux: Chrome
How can you set up your push notification? You can turn push notifications on or off by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner of the logged-in Logibet page.
The time difference between email and push is only a few seconds, so either type can be used equally well.

Becoming a tipster

  • Any registered member of logibet.com can become a tipster. Create your own tipster account through the menu: Become a Tipster.
  • Everyone has the chance to prove his skills as a Newbie and can reach higher tipster levels.
  • In specific cases one’s betting history at an online bookmaker could be acceptable as proof.
  • One person can only have one tipster account on Logibet. Strong suspicion on multi-accounting may result in the denial of payments or exclusion.
  • A tipster may not ask for the deletion of his/her full or partial tip history.


Tipster Ranking

  • Tipsters are ranked by their Logibet Index
  • The ranking of tipsters is updated once a week (on Tuesdays)


Tipster Levels based on Logibet index

Newbie: -299

Rookie: 300-999

Junior: 1000-3199

Senior: 3200-3999

Master: 4000 and up


Payment for Tipsters

Tipsters are paid based on the number of their subscribers


  • Logibet guarantees that at least €1200 will be distributed among tipsters each month
  • A tipster qualifies for payment if he posts at least one Senior or above tip in the given month
  • Tipster balances will be updated once a month (on the 1st) according to tips posted in the preceding month
  • A tipster can initiate a cashout once he has at least €50 on his tipster balance
  • Cashouts are deducted from the tipster balance
  • Cashouts are always made to Paypal account
  • The cashouts are processed on the 6th each month and are credited to Paypal accounts in the following ten workdays.
  • In special cases, Logibet can make exceptions on cashout conditions on unique consideration
  • Logibet has a right to withdraw the benefit from tipsters who do not feel motivated and strive to meet the needs of users in terms of either the number of picks or the quality of the picks and analysis. At the same time, the withdrawn payments will be awarded among the tipsters whose opposite behavior is observed, i.e. the main goal of their tipster work is to satisfy the needs of the subscribers.


Basic rules of posting a pick​

  • Picks need to be selected from the offer of the following bookmakers: Tippmixpro and Vegas
  • Tipsters can optionally suggest odds from other bookmakers.
  • Picks have to be published on the odds officially available at the given bookmaker at the time of the publication.
  • Newbie tipsters allowed to publish maximum 100 tips in any 30 days period and maximum 10 tips in any 24 hours period
  • Rookie tipsters allowed to publish maximum 150 tips in any 30 days period and maximum 15 tips in any 24 hours period
  • Junior, Senior and Master tipsters have no limit in publishing tips
  • Publishing incorrect odds may result in exclusion.
  • Stake can be set by using the 1-10 scale (4-5 means average stake). Regularly using immoderate values may result in exclusion.
  • Odds X stake < 301
  • The tipster has to suggest a minimum (No bet under) odds, where he thinks the pick has at least zero EV.
  • Picks have to be published at least 15 minutes before start.
  • The event’s starting time has to be published in your time zone set in your personal settings.
  • Tipsters can add an informative analysis to the tips. This is not compulsory, but affects the tipsters payments positively.
  • Tipsters MUST select events and tips from Logibet's automatic tip selection system. Only if an event, or bet type is not available, can tipsters enter a tip by hand. Tips entered incorrectly will be deleted and the tipster will receive a warning.
  • All details that are entered by hand must be done in English, otherwise it is considered an incorrect tip. One exception is the analysis box, which can be used in multiple languages.
  • When Logibet does not get results of an outcome, the tips automatically becomes a lost one. After this, the tipster needs to prove (with history, statistics, or soever possible) that the pick was correct.
  • In order to remain in the active status, tipsters need to publish at least 1 picks per month, with no maximum set.
  • A tipster failing to publish at least 1 picks in a month will be classified as inactive
  • Tipsters are allowed to inactivate themselves any time. During the inactive period there is no pick publishing obligation. (coming soon)


Basic Policies

  • The tipster agrees that picks are solely published on Logibet.com, not made available on any other website or forum, and in no condition resold.
  • The tipster is aware that members buy his picks in order to realize profit for themselves.
  • The tipster should only offer picks which he believes to have positive expected value, e.g. risky strategies in order to quickly make up losses are not allowed and could be sanctioned.
  • Logibet.com holds the right to exclude any member of the tipster system without justification who breaks the rules, or falls under suspicion of any kind of misuse.


Gamble Responsibly