• What happened to my credits?

    Starting September 1, 2017, Logibet has converted to a monthly subscription service. Before that, credits were the basis of purchasing tips. During the transition process, credits were converted to subscription at a rate of 50 credits / day.


    If you feel you did not earn enough for your credits, contact us, and we will manually check and offer you a retribution package.


    The transition process also includes a discounted month (only €5) for your first month in the Logibet subscription system. Offer is valid until otherwise noted.

  • What is the Logibet Index?

    A statistical number that ranks the tipsters, defines their Tipster Category, and effects their salary. It is the combined calculation of the three base statistics (Profitability, Stability, Experience).

  • What is Profitability?

    This number shows the likelyhood of profiting by making every bet a tipster recommends. It analyses the tipsters ROC numbers over a given time period, whereby newer tips are weighted, so older tips are taken into less and less account as the time progresses.


    What is ROC?


    Return on capital shows the tipsters profit compared to the investment (a customer's sportsbetting bankroll). Higher number means that a customer would have profited more by making all the bets the tipster recommended.

  • What is Stability?

    This number analyses how consistent a tipster's performance is. The smaller the swings of the tipsters performance, the higher is his Stability. Performance is not taken into account for this statistic.

  • What is Experience?

    This shows the creditworthiness of the tipster. A tipster's Experience is based on the number of months where a tipster posted at least 10 tips.

  • What does "No bet under" mean?

    "No bet under" is an odds, which is the fair odds according to the tipster. This means there is no value in making the bet if the live odds falls underneath the specified "No bet under" value.

  • What should I do, if the odds for a tip has changed?

    If the odds has risen, naturally you should play the tip at that odds. More often however, after the tip has been posted, odds start to decrease quickly. This mostly happens in small markets (especially in lesser known national championships in sports like handball, water polo, etc.). Sometimes even bigger markets can draw enough bets to make the odds go down. If the odds falls under the "No bet under" threshold, you should not play the bet, as there is no value in it. You should instead wait, and re-check the odds later, as some players might start to bet the unnecessarily increased odds of the opposite of our bet. Besides waiting, you should also check if the bet is available at other bookmakers over the "No bet under" odds. It is worth having accounts at multiple bookmakers, to always have more options.

  • Is it worth waiting with playing the bet?

    It is not worth waiting. You should make the bet as soon as you receive any form of notification about it, because more often than not, the odds will start decreasing. Sharks will jump on any odds with positive expected value, which means lots of money will be coming in for one side of the bet. Bookmakers will respond to this by either lowering the odds, or in case of over/under or handicap-type bets, moving the lines. If the odds falls under the "No bet under" threshold, you should follow the advice provided at the "What should I do, if the odds for a tip has changed?" section.

  • What specifies the betting limits at bookmakers?

    The size of the market defines the size of the limit as well. Large markets have large limits, small markets have small limits. That holds true to all bookmakers, the more money comes in for a market, the higher the limits are. Lots of times, bookmakers do not have enough information about smaller leagues or less important sports, therefore they reduce their risk by letting users place smaller bets. Smaller markets are usually only followed in certain parts of the world anyway, that causes why sometimes a great odds in a small market only lasts for minutes.

  • I don't understand the bet. Can you clarify it for me?

    As many users consider Logibet as an investment, you don't have to be an expert in sportsbetting to use your product. We are constantly trying to make the system more user-friendly, while we urge tipsters to post their tips as clear as possible, so that you can find it more easily at the bookmaker.

    On a tip's card, you will find the following pieces of information:

    • After the tipster's name, you will find his/her nationality, level (rookie, junior, senior, etc.) and overall ROI
    • Besides the written form, you will also find a pictogram for the sport
    • Beneath that, you will find the competition (the name of the league, tournament, etc.), to make it more easy for you to find the tip at the bookmaker
    • In the next line, there is the game (race, fight, etc.) in question, and the exact starting time
    • Next up, the tipster defines the type of the bet (asian handicap, over/under, correct score, H2H, etc.), which side you should back, and if you click on the "Analysis" button, the reasoning behind the tip
    • Finally, in the bottom line, you will find which bookmaker has the higher odds for the event (between preferred bookmakers), the odds at the time of posting the tip, the "No bet under" odds, and the stake the tipster recommends for the tip
  • What does "Asian handicap" mean?

    The difference between Asian and European handicap is, that if you bet on asian handicap, and the difference between teams is exactly the handicap you played, you will get your money back. There is also a possibility to play a handicap of x.25 or x.75, which means half of your bet will be played with x, the other half with x.5 handicap. In this case, you might have a half-win or a half-lose ticket.



    • If you play a bet with 0 handicap, your team has to win. In case of a tie, you will get your money back. A 0 handicap and the "Draw no bet" betting type is the same 
    • A handicap of x.5 will never end in a tie, therefore there is no scenario you will get your money back. Backing a team with -0,5 handicap is the same as backing them in 3-way betting. That being said, backing a team with +0,5 handicap is also the same as backing the team with double chance (team wins or draw)
    • If you bet on a certain team +0.25 (0, 0.5), and the game results in a tie, you will receive half your stake back, plus you win with the other half


    There are different ways bookmakers define Asian Handicap


    Sign used by Logibet tipstersSign used by alternative bookmakers
    -0.250.0, -0.5
    -0.75-0.5, -1.0
  • How are tipsters ranked?

    The ranking of tipsters is based on their Logibet Index. It is updated once every week (on Tuesdays), in accordance of the Logibet Index and Tipster levels.

  • What does ROI mean?

    ROI, also known as Yield is the percentual profit or loss on your bets. It shows what percentage of the stake is your profit.

    ROI = Profit / Stake

  • How do I benefit from the tips I bought?

    The goal of the professional sportsbettor is always acheiving the biggest profit, therefore you should always follow these rules:


    Bankroll management


    You should only wager a maximum of 5% of your bankroll for any given bet. Tipsters will give you a recommended stake, on a range of 1-10. The bankroll management recommended by Logibet means 1 stake equals 0.5% of your bankroll. Therefore you should wager a bet with a stake of 6 with 6*0.5 = 3% of your bankroll.


    How big of a bankroll do I need?


    You should view sportsbetting as an investment, from which you expect to earn money. Since tips on Logibet can be bought only by money, you should have a certain minimum bankroll to start with. Let's take an example:


    Master tipsters on Logibet have posted 196 tips during July 2017. They have produced an average ROI of 6% and an average stake of 5.5 in this timeframe. Buying the these tips would have cost you €149 using the monthly subscription (not taking the €5 introductory package into consideration).


    Lets assume you would like to profit €1,000 in a month (196 tips). Here is how you calculate your necessary bankroll for this:


    Profit = Wagered money * ROI
    Wagered money = (Profit + Cost of credits) / ROI = (€ 1,000 + € 149) / 0.06 = € 19,150
    Average stake in Euros = Wagered money / number of tips = €19,150 / 196 = € 98
    1 stake = Average stake in Euros / Average stake = €98 / 5.5 = ~€ 18
    1 stake of profit is 0.5% of bankroll, therefore Bankroll = 1 stake * 200 = €18 *200 = € 3,600


    How big of a profit can I attain?


    A bankroll of €3,600 generated €1,000 profit in a monthy, which equals a 27% monthly interest. Compare this to the 3-4% bank interests, and you will see the difference. It should be strongly noted that while the interest can be high, the risks and the volatility of the investment are also considerably higher than a savings account.

  • How do I avoid my betting limits being lowered or exclusion from a bookmaker?

    It may happen, that a bookmaker will significantly lower your betting limits, or even exclude you from their product. Unfortunately there is nothing to fight this, but there are things to do to avoid it.

    First of all, you shouldn't regularly play Logibet tips with the maximum amount possible. This holds especially true to new users, who haven't posted bets before. If you would like to start playing with a bankroll so big, that you would have to wager tips with the maximum amount, some bookmakers will lower your limits after 5-6 straight winning tips, or exclude you completely. Small markets are especially dangerous, as a couple thousand Euros might ruin the odds altogether. Users playing only small market bets are in even more danger of getting their limits lowered or being excluded. To avoid this, you should also sometimes play parlays or bet on big markets (Champions League, Premier League, Tennis Grand Slams, etc.) as well.

  • What if I can't play the tip with a high enough stake?

    In big markets (Champions League, Premier League, Tennis Grand Slams, etc.) this will most likely never happen, but in smaller markets, you may run into this inconvenience. It is useful to keep an account at more bookmakers, that way you can split the bet between bookmakers, reaching the necessary bet this way.

  • What does H2H betting mean?

    H2H, also known as head-to-head betting is a popular betting type of tipsters. In this type, the bookmaker will select two players/teams of the field, and the tipster must determine, which one he/she thinks will achieve the best position/highest score.

  • When betting on tennis, what is the difference between set handicap and game handicap?

    You should be careful, not to confuse these two, as in tennis, sets consist of games. Let us demonstrate the main difference between the two:

    Game handicap:

    Lets assume the bet is the following: Federer -2,5 (game handicap)

    The final score is Federer - Raonic 6-4, 6-7, 6-4. To determine the outcome of the bet, you need to add games won by Federer (6+6+6=18) and games won by Raonic (4+7+4=15). Since Federer has covered the handicap, your tip is a winner. It should be noted that a tie-break counts as one game.

    Set handicap:

    Lets assume the bet is the following: Federer -2,5 (set handicap)

    The final score is Federer - Raonic 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 7-6. Since Federer won 3 sets and Raonic won 1, the tip has lost. However, have you had bet on Federer -2,5 (game handicap, you would have one, as Federer won 24 (6+4+7+7), while Raonic won 21 (3+6+6+6) games.

  • Are there betting types that are interchangeable?

    In sports like tennis, volleyball or darts, you might encounter set handicap or correct score type of bets. Most bookmakers won't have both in their betting options, as they are partially interchangeble. For example, in case of a tennis match that is best-of-3, a set handicap of -1,5 will be the same of correct score: 2-0, however, you won't have any alternatives for +1,5 set handicap.

    Other examples are the aforementioned -0,5 asian handicap, which is interchangeble with betting on the team in 3-way betting. It is useful to check the -0,5 odds if you are betting on the team, as handicap odds are often higher.

  • What does large market and small market mean?

    Large market: bookmakers have a high limit for the event, therefore odds won't change dramatically even if there are a lot of big bets. The maxium betting amount is over 500 EUR.

    Small market: bookmakers have a low limit for the event, therefore the odds might change dramatically even after a small amount of big bets. The maxium betting amount is under 500 EUR.

  • What is the Info feed?

    The Info feed is a feature from Logibet, where tipsters can share betting information, strategies, or breaking news concerning their tips and important events. The Info feed can be edited by any tipster who is at least on the Rookie level, and can be read by any user on the main page or on the dedicated subpage.

    The Info feed is also automatically updated with any free tips submitted by tipsters and blog entries as well.

  • What are "Messages"?

    Messages are a form of communication tool between tipsters and customers. Tipsters can send out messages to their subscribers and followers, in which they can evaluate bets, inform them about incoming tips or help them with strategic principles or advice. Messages are heavily moderated for the sake of customers.