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      Hi there!

      I will inform you that I will renew my service from today. You will notice the change in a significant improvement in quality. The concept of realization is that I then put individual, predetermined strengths on each square. On the 1, 2, 3,… 8, 9, 10 levels you will find 3%, 6%, 9%,… 24%, 27%, 30% roi yields with as low as possible variance.

      I've planned a similar one before, but then I didn't realize it for several reasons. But nowadays, because of different things, my options have expanded and my capacity has increased. I can do more high-level tips from which I will get here. We'll see what's coming out of it. The plans are still open until the end of the year.

      The size of your bet compared to your bankroll and the minimum odds you undertake are determined by the above and your own requirements below.

      The tips will only be soccer tips in the usual range, with odds and liquidity.


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      Hi there!
      I am WBT. If you receive this newsletter, you can have your inquiry about the tips I participated, so I want to be informed.
      From now on I will try to Logibet.com higher standard than ever to represent my tips. Then and then only will I strongly filtered and better tips. I do not know exactly in numbers and how to change it, but I hope the performance improvement will be perceived clearly and unequivocally. From now on I will try the tips I participated in various strong degree of expected hit rate and the expected ROI levels tied to specify more precisely, so as to be admissible profitably. If established that level as what I can to keep it that I can quantify. I will Highly sought a variance to keep it low.
      Please escort will now pay more attention to my tips, and if you find that really improves the quality, do not hesitate to buy. Good luck!