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    • - Information about my service break

      Dear my followers!

      I just want to inform to you that some personal reasons i make a break in my service. It's means that in the next 2-3 months I won't post picks on Logibet.com. Thanks your understanding and patiance.

      Best regards,
      mr. blonde

    • - End of 2016

      Dear followers!

      I would like to wish you a happy new year!

      Meet in january also when football friendly games will coming!

      Good luck and best regards,

    • - Summary

      Dear subscribers!

      It was another successful month, in November after 22 picks we made 10,42% ROI. It the last 7 month, it was the 6th what made profit. I hope you enjoy my service and we can make more profit in the future also.

      Good luck and best regards,
      mr. blonde

    • - Get ready!

      October has been profitable so far, but we have few days left until the end of the month. I hope we can win more money in this weekend, i will try to find good values from hungarian leagues. I hope you are enjoying the service and good luck for us!


    • - Summary

      Dear Subsribers!

      After the terrible August we have made a really profitable month in September. After 24 picks we had 18,74 unit and 17,85% ROI, so i think my work is on the right way again! October is one of the most frequent months in the year, so i hope we will make a nice profit again. Good luck and thanks for your trust!

    • - For better or worse

      Dear subscibers!

      August was my worst month in Logibet system, unfortunately we couldn't make profit in the last 30 days, thanks for some really mischance situation. I belive that right things will coming and we return to the right way again. Thanks for your trust.

      Best regards,

    • - Information about my little break

      Dear subscribers!

      I would like to inform to you that i will go to holiday from monday so i won't share picks until the next week.

      I hope everybody satisfied with my performance in the last period, because in the last 50 picks we have really impressive stats: 33 win, 14 loss, 3 push.

      I hope after the short break we will continue the good streak and win together again!

      Good luck for everyone!