• Unbelievable achivement by a legendary tipster

    The leading tipster of Logibet has reached an incredible milestone. Varin celebrated his 20.000 pick, which is outstanding among the international tipster-scene as well.

    Logibet: First of all, congratulations! 20.000, man...It's incredible! Have you celebrated this beautiful milestone already?

    varin: Thank you so much! However, I did not make a big fuss of it, but it's true, that only a few of the legit tipsters can reach these heights, especially with positive stats. Where will it end? I can’t really tell at the moment...Sometimes I feel burned out, but then I can take a little pause, and meanwhile, the picks from my sources are still going... It is hard to keep up with bet365 accounts tho!:)

    Logibet: Let's test your memory a little, shall we? Can you recall when you joined Logibet? No cheating of course!

    varin: It was in 2014, August, or September, I am quite sure. Ok, I’m certain because I just checked it a couple of days ago.:)

    Logibet: Nice, and what were the first sports you chose from?

    varin: As far as I remember, I had loads of MLB picks in the beginning, I had several tips on hits and runs from the first innings, so yeah, it was baseball I think.

    Logibet: Well, you missed that one. You were right about the country, but it was the NFL. Obviously, this stratospheric tip count adds up from several sports, what do you think, how many of them did you choose from during the years?

    varin: That's a tough one because I know that there is a second page in my stats, also, there are some rare ones, like cricket or winter sports. Anyways, my guess would be 24!

    Logibet: Close again, but it's 21. If we ask you to pick one favorite tip from the past, which would that be, the one, that is the closest to your heart?

    varin: Well that is a tricky one, I’m going to need some help from the tip history here because there were a couple of favs, and sour ones as well during the years. I loved the Szolnok-Balmazujvaros HT/FT for an odds of 26.00, I still remember the messed up card line on Olympiakos-Crvena zvezda, and obviously, the unforgettable 101.00 odds pick on Hertha-Paderborn

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    It's not a secret that I am proud of a couple of losing tips as well, because I caught value in them. For example when I picked Youcef Attal to score (odds: 13.00), and the guy missed a penalty, or when the bookmaker gave a gift-odds for Bernat on the Malta-Spain, where the fullback was played as an attacker.

    Logibet: Is there any particular story from your 20K picks, that you surely will tell to your grandkids?

    varin: Of course I do. There are two of them actually, let's start with the negative one. Those who follow me at Logibet know that I am a big fan of bets at The Oscars. Before the ceremony, I usually spend days looking for the right infos at forums, blogs, etc. That is how I came to the conclusion, to bet on ‘A Star Is Born’ for an odds of 3.50. Well, this was one of my worst picks ever, because the odds ended somewhere between 30-50, without any chance to win the prize of course...For punishing myself, I have never watched that movie.

    One particularly good one however is the 2018 Winter Olympic, where the Hungarian speed skaters miraculously won the 5K event. I happened to know a close guy to the team, who told me some great infos weeks prior, that the team is really good together, and worth a shot to bet on. We did it indeed, for 26.00, so it was a double victory! Great memories...

    Logibet: One thing a lot of us might wonder, how is it possible to provide such a big amount of picks? How much time does it take from a day? If we calculate with 2 mins/tip it would take around 28 full days from your life!

    varin: To be honest I never really counted this, and I am not even feeling that it takes that much of my time. As some of you might know, I work as a sports journalist (at hatharom.com), and it takes 8-12 hours to research and write about previews and betting-related stuff, and in the meantime, I put up a lot of tips. Also, I get a lot of picks from my sources, and that takes way less time to publish to my followers. However, sometimes it takes like 3-4 hours of research to get a conclusion on a particular event, and I do not always end up with a value tip, that can be frustrating at times. It can be much boring than have some fun at this online casino.

    Logibet: One thing we haven't talked about yet, that not only your tip count is enormous, but your profits too. At the time of this interview, you have a profit of +2949 units made from a 2.73% ROI. Are you satisfied with these numbers?

    varin: Are you serious? Of course, I am satisfied. With this amount of tips, I probably would be satisfied with a 1% ROI as well, but 2.73% is more than I ever imagined. A lot of the haters will say that this ROI is not so big, but if you do the math, you will see how big of an accomplishment this is. Moreover I'm constantly improving - my past two years brought an ROI of 3%, and my last 12 months resulted in 5.2% from 4K tips!

    Naturally, there is always room to improve...You need to be cold-blooded as an alligator, have to be careful in all circumstances, and you can always learn something new, but as you can see, my hard work pays off. My numbers can't lie, and you can check the numbers of my subscribers too!

    Logibet: With this much experience you must see the fellow tipsters from a different angle. Who do you acknowledge/follow these days?

    varin: That's for sure. And I can be very critical if someone for example puts out a European handicap pick, meanwhile the Asian handicap is available with considerably better odds... However I never 'hurt' my fellow tipsters, so I'd like to say some positive examples instead:

    I honestly think that Griezmann is the best tipster in his field in Hungary - the guy has an extremely large knowledge in Hungarian football, way bigger than a lot of the subscribers would think. He goes to a U19 game even in the worst weather conditions if he smells value, he is a real madman, but we need more tipsters like him.

    The numbers of Ryan Fawcett convinced me, I like the high-odds volleyball picks of Abetting To Bet, and MoneyMaker is a trustworthy tipster as well, just to mention some of the guys at the top of the leaderboard.

    Luckily at Logibet, you can find gold in lower levels too - there are several talented newcomers, like th3k1nkl2p, krecsak1, or KD.

    Logibet: Lastly, what can we expect from you for the next 20K tips?

    varin: I don't think I'm going to change much, why would I? Just some minor fixations, like I'll try to adjust on my tip number a bit and to specialize in a certain field, try to let go of the unnecessary picks and work with the best possible sources. 

    We definitely won’t be bored, I can promise that! Although I might have a couple of breaks in the future, hopefully that's forgivable.

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