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    I have been following tennis daily for over 5 years and have a great passion for tennis and betting. I tip about 30 tips a month and pride myself on a high rate of sucess. 

    I focus on mens tennis across all tours (mainly ITF Word Tour Tennis, ATP Challenger Tour Tennis and ATP World Tour Tennis). I have a passion for following, betting, researching and playing the sport, I dont think you will find anyone more in touch with what is going on across the sport then me. 

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    • - Upcoming season

      Thanks to everybody who has followed through such a tough peroid in time in all of our lives, we are only a couple weeks away from return to normal activities and all tours of tennis will be running (ITF, ATP, WTA). Its more than exciting time for all of us and I am starting to prepare for the season now in anticipation of lots of matches and bets to provide with all of you. My expectations are to provide enough bets across all tours to keep everyone happy. (25-50 per month) It has been abit difficult in the last month with exibition tournaments, lack of events and lack of any actually schedual to run off of. Excited for the future and again thanks for being patient in such uncertain times

      - Ryan Fawcett