• Talented tipsters worth to keep an eye on

    Luckily at Logibet, we not only have experienced masters but a lot of upcoming talents as well - this article is about them.

    The four master tipsters had a ton of praise lately but their performances speak for themselves - you can read further of the fantastic winnings of March here.

    One of the most enthusiastic upcoming tipsters is 49ers. Although he's level is currently newbie, he has endless dedication and determination. Not only writes he good and ambitious justifications, after the results, he summarizes the conclusion in the comment section which can be really useful for the subscribers and the tipsters too. Due to his constant good run, we hope to see him on the next level soon.

    Another newcomer, who made quite a good impression is Otigba who seems to favor and be good at tennis. After 124 tips he has an ROI of 14% so we can definitely greet him as a rookie or junior shortly.

    Medic1990 has a solid rising stat too - he makes only 10-15 tips/month, however, after 300 tips, stands with an ROI of 6%. He works mostly with football and hockey picks and the lower average odds assumes a safer betting pattern.

    It is definitely worth to keep an eye on the upcoming talents because you never know who's going to become the next master.

    Sign up for our service now for only 19 euros! You are just a couple of clicks away from our master- and also the newcomers' tips, and you should not miss this opportunity because both have been on fire recently.

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