• The first 19-euro month was one incredible payday at Logibet!

    On the 2nd of March, Logibet has decided to reduce their price, so since then you can access every tip of all of their tipsters for €19 a month. We've reported the results from time to time, but now we look at the statistics for the entire first month, to see what the users, who put their faith and their €19 into Logibet got for their money.

    No explanation needed, the numbers speak for themselves: the 246-unit profit of the master tipsters and the ROI of almost 11% are both insane results! To put it even more simple: if someone bet a 5/10 tip with €0.40 they've already made the price of the subscription back. Considering, someone bet €10/unit they've made a profit of €2,500 in the first month!

    Compared to this, the €19 price is negligible.

    Out of all tipsters, varin made the most units, but Moneymaker, who even beat our leading tipster in terms of ROI, was just as successful, proving he's third on the leaderboard for a reason.

    As it can be clearly seen, three of our four master tipsters made a profit, and we are pretty sure, our seasoned expert, mr.blonde will overcome his unlucky streak in the near future as well!

    The numbers since 1st of March

    TipstersTip CountWinnings TipsLosing TipsProfitROI%

    The most spectacular pick wasn't even made by a master tipster, instead, it came from the fifth place of the leaderboard, by Tippergreta, who made a profit of 50 unit by predecting John Isner to come out on top in Miami.

    It's worth placing your confidence to Logibet ASAP, as the numbers clearly show. What's even more, our partner site never tricks with the tips, they never delete losing tips after the events, you can always see the real results!

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