• Logibet's master tipsters made an astonishing month!

    We are used to it by now, that our three master tipsters make their profits in a different fashion, but no matter which one of them you have been following because all three made huge winnings.

    Mr. blonde is back in the green after a small downswing, and had his third month on the plus side from just a couple of tips, but with a high ROI. Tomihmv had probably the best month of his career! From 27 tips he made a 57-unit profit and an enormous 40% ROI! Naturally, the legendary varin wasn't also in the group of the big winners', the veteran tipster made a 110-unit plus and still leading our site's ranking.

    The stats from september


    As you can see, it is worth to subscribe to these three experts alone, but we offer way more than that for as little as 19 euros!

    Griezmann, for example, is yet to make a single month without profit, and it is true that he has just a few picks, but the winnings are consistent and that's what really matters. Onlyvape did not have the month of his life, although he is yet to register a negative month in his career, and he is slowly getting closer to become a master. Tippergreta had a rough month in September, however, it is worth to follow his picks, because he now offers 'stake system' with his descriptions!

    Aprod1 is another senior, who's operating with few tips, but makes great profits. The tipster made barely a unit minus in September, but this was the first negative month for him since February. The experienced senior made an 18.58% ROI since then which is quite impressive, to be frank.

    So all in all, September was a hit month without a question, but it was no surprise for us. The top leagues of Europe are on their way, and our tipsters know exactly where to put their money.

    So let's sum up our master tipsters performance briefly: if someone put all of their picks with 5 euro each, now can have 1,146-euro clean profit in their pocket!

    The subscription fee is still only 19 euro per month, which is one of the best on the market. We don't have fake statistics, just the stone cold facts. Don't hesitate, join the camp of winners today!

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    Nagy gratula, szép teljesítmény!
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    Azért egy mondatot megér a Tippmesterek Tippmesterének, flammannak a szeptemberi teljesítménye is :-) :

    63 tipp, 140,8 egység profit, 34,85% ROI

    Igaz, ha az én tippjeimet tette volna valaki egységesen 2.000 Ft-tal, akkor csak 41.880 Ft-ot keresett volna, de hát az is 33% ROI

    (Remélem, ezt a hozzászólásomat nem törlitek ki...)