• Our tipsters delivered a brutal profit for just 19 euro!

    Only a couple of days passed since the 19-euro discount promotion had started and it is time to take a look at the results.

    The past week was not boring at all because we had a lot of new inquirer for the cheaper, although constantly really high-quality Logibet. Those smart ones, who took advantage of our promotion could have benefited nicely since our master tipsters are still on fire.

    From the 152 tips since the second day of March, they generated a 110-unit profit for the subscribers, hence if someone played all the tips with just 19 cents each could have earned back the 19-euro fee.

    Varin's chart in the last 12 months

    A more realistic scenario shows a more clear picture. If someone played all of our master tipsters' tips with 10 euros each, is now in 1080-euro profit which equals 55 monthly subscription fees!

    Varin was the one who stood out from the tipsters once again, the long-time pro tipster made a whopping 96-unit profit alone. Hats off to Moneymaker as well, who made 4/4 correct tips including darts, tennis and the Oscar Awards.

    Let's not forget that this 110-unit profit was generated in only 10 days, so this proportionately equal 6 euro for the users. The numbers cannot lie - with the 19-euro price it is laughably easy to make a profit with our master tipsters, as did dozens of our subscribers.

    If you do not want to miss out on the opportunity, try Logibet today and join the camp of winners!

    Logibet. Finding the edge

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