• Huge price drop at Logibet

    March of 2018 starts with some important changes regarding Logibet which affect both the subscribers and the customers.

    In the recent weeks, we've made a bunch of surveys about our service which concerned the price tag as well. Most of the users pointed it out, that although they like the new monthly-subscribing system, the 149 euros per month is a bit high for them. We should not forget that this price is for the tips of more than 50 tipsters - including four masters and four seniors! We accepted the criticism and made an enormous drop in our subscriber fee.

    This means that from now on the monthly fee of Logibet's is going to be only 19 euros instead of 149, meaning, you'll get one master or senior tip for 3 cents!

    You may ask, what do we provide for this fee? Well, our statistics from February speak for themselves... You can read about it in detail here.

    And if you play at Pinnacle, you should not forget our special promotion, in which you can get a one-month subscription to Logibet for FREE. All you need to do is to register on Pinnacle from our link and play for at least 3000 bucks.

    Click here and subscribe!

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    that's great news, thanks for sharing!