• Four master tipsters - the subscribers of Logibet could have won a fortune

    We made history in February of 2018 since for the first time in the life of our site, we have four master tipsters at the same time. The long-time pros Tomihmv and mr.blonde were accompanied by varin, who is on a hot streak this year, and the trio is now joined by MoneyMaker who has been making strong numbers recently as well.

    Both of our new masters have different strategies - MoneyMaker made an ROI of 18.2% with only 60 tips, while varin made an enormous amount of tips (1200) and made an incredible 400-unit profit with it. Both of them made their winnings mostly with tennis picks, although the pair made a really good run during the Winter Olympics too, an event which delivered one of the best results in the history of Logibet.

    On the other hand, the ones who follow our senior tipsters cannot complain either, because, for example, Doxathonic made really solid results so far in 2018 - the tipster works with only a few picks but has a 33% ROI. Tippergreta is having a fine run as well, delivering a 351-unit profit to the subscribers.

    As you can see, the level is pretty high at the moment at Logibet, probably higher than ever before. From the senior level and above, our tipsters are stably producing large plus, which can generate the price of the subscription fee in a blink of an eye.

    Furthermore, with our new promotion, you can win access to our system for free. Profit and winning tips are going hand in hand - all you have to do is to bet our tipsters tips at Pinnacle, and if you are fortunate enough, you can win a free-month sub and make an even bigger profit with it.

    It is definitely worth it to follow the tipsters of Logibet because 2018 is a huge blockbuster so far!

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    varin 1652
    Hajrá :)
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    Gratula mindenkinek, remélem hamarosan 5 Master lesz :)