• Half of the year has already passed of the highly discounted period of Logibet - here are the stone cold numbers!

    The master and senior tipsters of our site didn't disappoint their subscribers, let's take a closer look at their results.

    Time flies fast and it was more than six months ago (the 2nd of March) when we decided to develop a broader community and dropped the subscription price to just 19 euro per month. Firstly, it's important to point out that sports betting will always include great swings. However, at the end what really matters is in a greater period of time, the skill should always beat the luck factor, so when you subscribe to expert tipsters - like the ones at Logibet - the profit will come sooner or later. Which exactly what happened in the past couple of months.

    The master and senior tipsters of Logibet made a +351 unit profit from roughly 3,000 tips altogether! If we focus on the ROI, it was more than +2%, but with this amount of picks, the number could not be much higher.

    Now let's see which experts were the best during the last six months.

    The longtime leader of our site, 'varin' made the most tips and most profit as well - the really experienced bettor produced +418 units with an ROI of 4% from around 2,000 tips. This is an outstanding run considering the number of picks! From the masters, 'Tippergreta' deserves a round of applause too. The tipster, who works with only 10 unit tips made a +124 unit profit from 200 picks, and the average odds of these were 2.53 which indicates a lot of courage as well. Those, who were sticking to the tips of our new star 'onlyvape', had a solid profit - the rising talent made an incredible comeback in August so he doesn't have a single month with a negative stat yet! Onlyvape made an ROI of +9.59% with a +375 uni profit which is just brutal.

    For those who prefer the experts with lesser picks and a stable profit, there were 'Noemail' (+8.48% ROI), 'Griezmann' (+19.24 ROI), 'steve94' (+20.56 ROI) and 'aprod1' (+22.90%) - take a bow for their remarkable success.

    Last but not least, there are a couple of new features currently being developed at Logibet. Spoiler: we are going to introduce a profit guarantee service, live bets and a 'super tipster' just to name a few!

    We have good news for the tipster as well: the cashout formula will change shortly - the most important factor will be the tipsters' popularity among the subscribers. With this, we would like to make the payouts fair-minded, so only those will get a share who really worked for it.

    Remember: if you do not want to miss out the huge winnings, you can still subscribe for only 19 euro per month to all of our tipster tips.

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