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  • My favorite sport is handball, first of all the hungarian, danish and the international woman handball. I think so I'm the one of best hungarian woman handball tipster :)

    • - February's plans

      Dear Followers!


      After 12 tips I have a 11,72 % ROI in this month. I think so this is a correct statistic, but I want to get more profit. Next week Champions League (women handball) will return, and I hope we will get some value markets. I don't want to make a tip today, becouse I can't see value bet now. I want to send 3-5 picks in this month. If you interested in, subscribe me :)

      Good luck and have a nice day!

      Regards, Noemail

    • - My brilliant November

      Dear Followers/Buyers!

      I try to countinue my brilliant November. 5 tips, 18,51 profit, ROI 92,55%, win rate: 100%!

      Win together!

      Best regards, Noemail

    • - Plans for july

      Dear Byers/Followers!


      From 03/07 get started the handball U20 woman world championship in Moscow. My plan is, that i will give you a 10-15 tips from this tournament. I had a very good start, becouse two win (1,85 and 1,75 odds), one push with unluck, and one of them is pending. I hope, that we can make a lot of money in this month. 

      Don't forget subscribing for the new tips. 

      Best luck, Noemail