• 500-unit profit in 80 days? Incredible but possible!

    Logibet's top tipster awaits the beginning of Roland Garros in the best form of his life. Here are the numbers!

    When Logibet changed it's pricing with a drastic reduction and started to sell the subscription to the best experts for just 19 euro per month, nobody thought that the best period of the site's history was coming right after. The long-time number one tipster on the site, varin made a sensational run during this short amount of time, let's check his statistics from the 2nd of March.

    Varin's +500 unit

    Our professional bettor has made a 500-unit profit in only two and a half months, which is impressive, even considering, some of his long-term bets turned green in this period. Surprisingly, the leading tipster made the most gain with football picks instead of tennis. This proves most of our experts right, who said, that the ending period of the top leagues' is the easiest periods to make big money! So while he was in the green in darts, tennis, and ice-hockey as well, the +421 units from 537 football tips are just simply breathtaking.

    As a matter of fact, since the huge price drop, varin recommended almost 1000 tips - yes, it is quite many but not in his case - and his ROI is close to 10%, which seems to be an unrepeatably high number.

    In full awareness of the facts, we can proudly state that those who joined Logibet on the 2nd of March can be really satisfied, as their investment paid out big time.

    Those of you who haven't joined yet, should not worry, because our price is still only 19 euros per month, and with that, the subscribers can access not only varin's exceptional tips but 51 other tipsters' too.

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