• The tipsters of Logibet have accomplished an even bigger feat than in March

    The second month of the discounted 19-euro Logibet subscription has just ended, so it's time to check the results once again. Although the beginning of the new era was sensational, April began quite difficult but at last, it was a happy end, and quite frankly, it was a bigger accomplishment than the wonderful streak in March.

    As we reported before, our best tipsters were off to a slow start in the fourth month of the year, the profit decreased to a moderate +127 unit and 4% ROI after one and a half months - which is still a quite good number - although some of our new subscribers might have been a bit disappointed because of it. However, as we told you several times, our experts may have some downswing, but in the long run, there is no question they are going to beat the bookies.

    In the second half of April they doubled the profit, so after two months the score is +259 unit which equals an excellent 5.63% ROI.

    From our tipsters, it is still varin who leads the pack and delivers the most profits, but MoneyMaker and mr.blonde have also been making a good progress recently.

    After all, what really matters is that after the weaker start, things turned around quickly once again - this really proves the talent and coherent style of our tipsters'.

    We still believe that the 19-euro fee to subscribe is a bargain, and if our tipsters keep up with this pace, the profit will certainly keep growing.

    A little math:

    If one registered to Logibet on the 2nd of March, and a single unit equals $4 then the clean profit is $1,200.

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