• Old and new Seniors led the way in the first week of April

    The first full week of the new era produced lots of movement

    Our estimations proved right, there have been some ups and downs after the first full week of the new system of Logibet. Those who haven't heard of April's reforms, can click here to read about the new development.

    The most satisfying change is that now we have four Seniors, thanks to the return of Tomihmv, and the new addition of red hot fletossy. He demonstrates the point why we are looking for steady tipsters, generating profit in 6 out of 6 months. Besides him, Tomihmv and varin have jumped significantly as well, so those who are interested in our Seniors have pocketed a nice profit.

    There have been noteworthy developments in the Junior ranks as well. Zotya1981 is now close to the Senior ranks, leading the way for other Juniors, who are now a record 13 strong. In the best form among them are gtfanatic, TippKing and fogado90 jumping 4, 3 and 3 spots, respectively.

    The biggest jump belonged this week to andrassypeter93 who advanced 23 places, while juvefan dove the hardest, spcifically 51 spots.

    If you have any questions about the new system, you can find us at info@logibet.com or on our live chat service.

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    Noemail 362
    Gratula Tominak :)
    varin 1652
    Good luck, Fletossy and welcome back, Tomi!
    And also the good luck for the new juniors, beat the bookies together, guys!