• A brand-new system to be implemented for tipster evaluation and payments

    Starting April 1st, we will launch a new system that will bring new features for tipsters and customers as well. Our new promotion means we guarantee monthly €1500 to be distributed among tipsters.

    Since the launch of Logibet, June 17th 2015, we have worked with one goal in mind: providing winning tips for costumers, while rewarding tipsters based on the costumer's satisfaction.

    Our continuing development is aimed at a complex user experience, so that winning tipsters are equally satisfied as loyal customers.  We are happy to announce that this development led to a brand new system which will be available to customers from April 1st.

    With the aid of a professional mathematician, we have created a payment equation, that rewards tipsters based on how profitable they are to customers. The new elements of the equation are the following:

    - ROC: we have moved from an ROI-based system to ROC (return on capital), so that we don't reward only the fact of winning. Instead, bankroll-building, optimal risk-taking, sustainable strategies will be implemented

    - Deviation: it is a legitimate concern, that even though some tipsters have eye-opening numbers, they are produced after a roller-coaster ride. The system rewards steady increase.

    - Helpfulness: we will reward tipsters who are explaining their tips with an analysis, send out newsletters to their subscribers and provide betting information in our Feed section.

    - Tipster experience: it is obvious, that customers would like to follow tipsters with a long betting history. Therefore the bigger experience a tipster yields (while winning, obviously), the higher the reward.

    The payments are a little different as well. Tipster balances will be updated once every month, based on the last month's performance. The balances can be cashed out at any point though, the same way as before. The new compensation for tipsters will consist in one part of 50% revenue share after all their sold picks. The other half of the revenue share will be distributed among all tipsters based on how good they perform in the aforementioned elements.

    The launch of the new system also marks the start of a new promotion, whereby Logibet offers 100% of the revenue to be given back to tipsters, while guaranteeing at least €1500 a month to be paid out among tipsters.

    New rules will be implemented on April 1st, which means tipsters will first receive a new balance on May 1st.

    If you have any questions, we are happy to help you on info@logibet.com or on our live chat!

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    juvefan 156
    Havi átlag 200 db tippet ad fel.
    juvefan 156
    Egy junior tippmesternél hogyan néz ki a képlet a korábbihoz képest?
    Tegyük fel, hogy emberünk 6 hónapja van a szinten, nem ír indoklásokat, de stabilan hozza az 5 % ROI-t.
    varin 1652
    I like the brand new system with the guaranteed money!

    All the bests for everyone :)