• A new Junior and a big comeback highlight Week 13

    The first (half) week of the new Logibet system has created some tipster level changes already, which you can now expect every Tuesday.

    A new era has started at Logibet, tipsters and customers have both found lots and lots new features in our system. Besides the new and improved looks, tipster evaluations have changed a lot as well, all in the name of customer satisfaction. You can read about our new rules in this blog post.

    The new tipster rankings will be updated once a week, which will mean much more changes are going to happen week after week. Tipsters who have been performing well will be able to rise the rankings quicker, while those who prove to be unreliable for paying customers will plummet down. It is important to notice that tipsters who haven't posted tips in 30 days will not be present in the rankings. As soon as they post another pick, they will return to their rightful position on the next Tuesday. This is the reason that our Senior, Tomihmv is currently not to be found there. Lets see who have risen and fallen in the first week.

    The second week of April will start on Logibet with two Seniors, eleven Juniors, and twenty-five Rookies. The biggest improvement and the Rookie ranks belongs to balazsb1987, who has improved 37 positions, mostly because of his soccer and ice hockey tips. Our podium still has mr.blonde and varin in the top two position, and filling in Tomihmv's vacant spot is fletossy, who has shown outstanding stability and profitablility: so far 5 out of 5 winning months for him. The newest Junior among our ranks is fogado90, who has shown consistent performance over the past months.

    On the rough end of the rollercoaster is oNeMountebank, but zsoltimolnar88 and Noemail have had a down week as well.

    From now on, we will publish the weekly results every Tuesday, as soon as the new results are banked in.

    If you have any questions about the new system, you can find us at info@logibet.com or on our live chat service.

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