• Here's our never-before-seen upgrade - selected tips with profit-guarantee!

    We've just launched our newest service, which guarantees the winning tips.

    We announced our incredible upgrade a few days ago, and it's safe to say that it's pretty unique. Logibet's new update aims at one particular goal, to make sure that the subscribers only receive the most valuable tips by the best tipsters. The profit guarantee is also part of the offer, which clearly shows that our formula really works. Our developer experts worked together with our best tipsters, with both sides bringing their unique skillset. Here are the most important things to know about the tipster!

    • In 2018, the SuperTipster selected a total of 804 tips which resulted in a +1,119.02-unit profit. This means that if someone would've bet each picks for $10, would now stand with a profit of $11,000!
    • The monthly subscription fee is €39.99, but a longer subscription comes with a €29.99/month price!
    • This will not only get you the selected tips of the SuperTipster, but also all of the tips of each tipster. If you follow one or more tipsters, we even send you an email notification when they publish a tip.
    • The profit guarantee is real: if the SuperTipster doesn't make a profit during your subscription, your next subscription will come for free!
    • If you subscribe now, we'll also send you a tool which helps you track your results and statistics, and a document, which will help you get to know how Logibet works!

    We believe, we came up with something that will revolutionize sports betting and tip-giving! The numbers speak for themselves, and the algorithm used by the SuperTipster took months of work to create.

    Obviously, there is no guarantee for these results to be this extreme in the following months or years but the numbers are really convincing and more than promising. You should try the SuperTipster, as you have nothing to lose, but - apparently - much to win!

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    crazyness 1
    great stuff, I'm pretty excited to try this! the results so far have been outstanding so I'm looking for some extra money for 2019 haha
    GLGL everyone