• Logibet's Super Tipster is on its way, here are the numbers!

    After a long development period, the tech guys cooperating with the best tipsters at Logibet has finally created the tipster, who helps you become a consistent winner!

    Our new, Super Tipster will go live in the upcoming days, solving the problem many of our members face when trying to figure out which of our many tipsters to follow. This struggle is for the past, as our Super Tipster will select the best picks of the best tipsters. On top of all this, we even offer a profit guarantee at a low price!

    It's early to disclose other details, but we're glad to say, that we are very very satisfied with what has "born", thanks to the tremendous amount of work by Logibet's developers. As the numbers clearly show, we were able to create a tipster, who's able to select the best tips in a way, which provides hefty profit in the long-term.

    We'll be back shortly with additional details, letting you in on how Logibet guarantees the profit and all of the other information regarding the new guru!

    It's worth subscribing to Logibet even before the arrival of the Super Tipster, as our newest tipster with the profit guarantee will be available at a discount for those who "only" have a normal subscription by the start!

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