• Sensational signing at Logibet!

    Logibet lured one of its main competitor's tipster - his results speak for themselves.

    We proudly announce the thrilling news that from now on the well-known tipster, Karlsson only provides his picks at Logibet. As our policy states, on unique occasions, we can integrate stats from external sources, but naturally only if they're trustworthy. This is exactly what happened in this case.

    The authentic statistics show that after 1,752 picks Karlsson stands with an ROI of 9%, and his high stability shows that he is truly an experienced and steady tipster.

    The fact, that Logibet could sign such a great tipster really shows that we are heading in the right direction. The number of quality tipsters arises day by day which can be noted from the results as well.

    Although we know that the past results do not guarantee future success, we definitely believe that it is worth to keep on eye on Karlsson.

    The subscription fee has not changed so you can still get all of our tipsters' - including Karlsson's' - tips for a bargain price of only €19,99. Do not hesitate, go for it!

    Logibet - finding the edge

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