• Logibet made it rain in May

    As we already mentioned it a couple of days earlier, the highly awaited period of the year is coming shortly - the ending of the club football season. Although we made a bigger profit with our handball picks, the football tips were exceptional as well.

    Our expert, mr.blonde made a brutally good tip in Hungary's NBI handball league. At the Gyöngyös-Ferencváros game, the point-splitting was good for both teams meaning none of them are going to be relegated. Our tipster was right and those who placed bets on the pick can now enjoy a healthy 16-unit profit.

    Obviously, this was only a small part of the money rain in May, because our experts made a quite strong start in the fifth month of the year. The master tipsters made a +64 unit profit after 105 picks which equals an ROI of 11%. Our football tips made a +50 unit profit alone, meaning our suspicions were correct about the more predictable games.

    We are definitely going to keep up with this pace because the last matches of the top leagues are ahead of us, and right after them, the FIFA World Cup is starting.

    If you do not want to miss out on the huge winnings, you can still subscribe for only 19 euro per month to all of our tipster tips.

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