• The top tipsters of Logibet made winnings in an incredible fashion during the World Cup!

    The WC has ended with a massive comeback for the subscribers of Logibet, landing us on the plus side big time.

    We made a gutsy promotion for this years WC. The top three experts of our site promised to end the one-month long tournament with profit, and boy did they deliver. Although they were off to a slow start, in the end, they managed to escape from the downswing in the surprise-filled tournament.

    Before the final game, they were standing roughly around -50 units and with just a little hope. Then Logibet's leader tipster, Varin stood up and made a miraculous pick with a 9.50 odds, on the France-Croatia match which delivered +60-unit profit, turning things around in a blink of an eye. In the end, the top three finished the World Cup with +14.43 units and all of them ended up on the plus side.

    As you can see, it was once again worth it to follow Logibet's picks until the final whistle of the tournament because we had the final laugh, not the bookies.

    In conclusion, it was another great period for our bettors, and the winning train won't stop, because Europe's top leagues are about to start.

    If you don't want to miss this huge opportunity to get our premium tips, our one-month sub is still available at a discounted price for just 19 euro. For that cost, you can get access to all of our tipsters' picks with just a few clicks.

    Logibet - Finding the edge

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