• Money back guarantee for the World Cup!

    If you do not win with Logibet's best tipsters on the WC, you will get the next month for free.

    Thursday afternoon at 5 pm CET the world's favorite sports event will start at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The event is much awaited by Logibet's top tipsters as well and they resolved to make a profit out of it! If they end up losing at the end, the subscribers will get the next month for completely free. Moreover, they challenged themselves to make at least 30 tips during the tournament - some of them are already out!

    In this promotion, the only participating tipsters are the three leaders on the site, varin, mr.blonde and Tomihmv. All you have to do in order to participate is to sub to Logibet between June 11th, 10 am and June 14th, 17 pm for at least a 30 days period. If our experts finish the WC on the negative side, you will get an extra month for free. It is this simple.

    Attention! The money back guarantee is not for new subscribers only! If you already have or had a subscription, you can participate by renewing it during the previously mentioned period!

    Do not hesitate, accompany the well known and highly experienced tipsters in this awesome tournament and get your share from the winnings for only 19 euro!


    Terms & conditions
    - Only those are entitled to the money back promotion, who subscribe to Logibet between June 11th, 10 am and June 14th, 17 pm for at least a one month period.
    -  Those subscribers are entitled to the free month, who pick at least 30 tips during the WC from varin, mr.blonde and Tomihmv, and end up on the negative side with it.
    - The renewal will be activated by three days after the World Cup at the latest.

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