• Here are the rock-solid numbers of the five-month-long winning streak at Logibet

    It has been already five months since we started our 19-euro sub promotion in which the subscribers can get all of our tipster tips for this highly discounted price for a whole month.

    You probably got used to it by now that we give an account of our results on a regular basis - that's exactly what we're going to do now.


    *: Our best tipsters in the period.

    As you can see there have been several great runs in the past five months. We're particularly pleased that the negative numbers didn't affect the overall results of varin or Tippergreta per say.

    Those who followed the senior and master tipsters in this period are now 460 unit richer!

    However we can't deny the fact that the past months had ups and downs but in the end, we made quite impressive numbers during the promotion. This confirms the fact that Logibet's system works flawlessly because only those professionals can reach top levels, who delivers great profits.

    What can we expect from the near future?

    From the tipsters, obviously tons of great picks because the top leagues of football are right ahead of us, moreover, the qualifications for Champions League and Europe League are on their ways. A couple of tennis and darts events are coming as well so the opportunities are endless for the tipsters.

    In regards to the site, some important developments are in the making which will improve the user experience. Furthermore, we are working on a unique live betting expansion, which was a request by several highly appreciated members.

    All in all, it is well worth to subscribe to Logibet because the quality we produce for the 19 euro price is guaranteed to be the best on the market. The numbers speak for themselves.

    Finding the edge.

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