• For the first time, one of our master tipsters reached the 4000 point mark!

    The brutal winning streak continued at Logibet and Varin made history!

    We are happy to inform that during the past days luckily nothing has changed. Our tipsters are winning constantly and the subscribers can barely count their profits in the ocean of the tips. The past week saw a new milestone in Logibet's life since no tipster has ever reached a Logibet-index of 4000 points before!

    Due to his persistent great performance, Varin has passed the 4000 point index and confidently leads the tipster-rankings. The next days are going to be especially active from the veteran bettor because the ATP Miami is starting on Wednesday so surely we will not be bored!

    The numbers since 1st of March

    TipstersTip CountWinnings TipsLosing TipsProfitROI%

    As you can see from the numbers, March has passed with huge winnings, and you can still buy the subscription for just 19 euro/month.

    If you want a share of the huge prizes all you have to do is to sub to Logibet and you will get access to all of our tipster's tips at a dead bargain

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