• Few tips, yet guaranteed profit!

    Our new senior tipster has reached the top with dedicated hard work over the past weeks.

    The name Doxathonic did not ring many bells in the past in the community of Logibet, but the time has come for a separate newsletter about him. Our football guru has been performing fantastically in the past few months, although he is working with only a few tips.

    In his first months, he made an average of 30-40 tips on Logibet. It was clear from the start that the tips are reliable because in his first two months he made a 12.59% ROI with his 180 tips. Since then he switched strategy, and now he is delivering the plus with only 6-7 tips per month, yet makes an impressive 13-14% ROI.

    Hats off to his football tips, since his all-time stats show an impressive 209 unit profit over 197 tips, and this equals to a 15.06% ROI. His graph does not lie either, it is clearly visible that he is a stable and reliable tipster!

    As you can see, on Logibet the subscribers can pick from tipsters with different styles  - there are ones who generate the profit with just a few tips, on the other hand, we have those who make the big bucks with more than a hundred tips per month. At Logibet everyone can find the best suiting tipster for themselves and for their bankroll as well, all of that for only a couple of cents per tip price.

    Join us today!

    Logibet. Finding the edge.

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