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    Varin gives an enormous amount of tips, yet makes a ton of profit with it!

    The Australian Open - one of the favourite tournaments of tennis fanatics - is getting closer to the finish, but the season has just started. However, the top tennis tipster on Logibet is enjoying an amazing start in 2018 and made a profit of more than 200 units with his tips. Our experienced tipster made his winnings mainly because of his tennis tips and made a 150 unit plus from 200 tips, which equals a 12.41% ROI.  One of the tips which stand out is the 'winning quarter' of Angelique Kerber, which made a 30 unit plus to the bettors alone.

    Varin is not the only one who enjoys a hot streak, sportinsider and prutyika have also made a big profit in the recent days.

    As you can see from the statistics above, if someone placed bets based on varin's tips with a 75 cent/tip ratio,  the fee of the subscription has repaid with interest rather quickly.

    So don't hesitate to subscribe, because you can get access to all of our tipsters' tips with a single subscription fee.

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