• Index update – new calculation, new levels

    As with is with every project, it is time to draw some conclusions, and make improvements based on first results.

    As you may know, we launched our revolutionary Logibet index in April 2016. This was a never before seen approach to tipster evaluation.

    Obviously it is very hard to get things right on the first try, so we have been collecting tipster feedback over the course of the first six month, and we are glad to announce that starting next week, a new calculation will be used.

    What will change?

    • Stability will be much more… well, stable. You won’t experience strange movements in stability after each tip.
    • Experience will increase much more gradually, instead of just once per month.
    • Profitability will follow your ROC much more closely, with older tips losing significance over time
    • As a result, based on our calculation, tipster index will increase by 25% on average, which means we have modified the tipster levels accordingly.

    The new level limits

    • Newbie: 0-750
    • Rookie: 750-1200
    • Junior: 1200-1800
    • Senior: 1800-2500
    • Master: 2500+

    What won’t change?

    • Tipster index will still be re-evaluated every Tuesday noon. On December 6, tipsters will already see their new points and levels.
    • Payments for the monthly results will occur on the 5th of the next month.

    If you have any questions, make sure to contact us through info@logibet.com or our live chat.

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