• How to bet on the Champions League using Logibet?

    As many sports bettors' favourite time comes around, we collected the most important information in posting Champions League tips ahead of the new season.

    We know you want to bet on the Champions League. Most sports bettors do. So we have compiled a little guide to making tips at Logibet, helping you climb our ladder with CL games!

    1. Choose the game!

    We have two simple ways to find the game you want to bet on. If you already know which game you want, you can simply select Quick search, and then enter the name of either team, and just select the match with one click. If you want to browse, you need to select Soccer --> International --> Champions League on the tip form and choose from the drop-down list.

    2. What do you want to bet on?

    After the game is selected either way, you need to select the type of bet. Our system knows the odds for all major markets, so after you have selected the market, you immediately know which bookmaker of the two it should be played at. We should note that it is the responsibility of the tipster to check if those are the correct odds at the bookmaker.

    3. Analyse and bet

    If you want to build trust in your buyers, you have the option to write an analysis to the game to show your buyers that you are not just randomly picking teams. You need to enter a 'No bet under' odds and the stake. Help: the stake amount depends on the difference between the real odds and the no bet under odds, so the more confident you are in your tip, the stake as well as the difference between the two odds should be increased as well. After this, click preview, check if every data is correct than send the tip!

    See? It isn't hard to post tips on Logibet. Being a consistent winner is. That's where Logibet helps you!

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