• Find your matches easily with Quick search!

    Posting soccer tips in our service just got a lot easier!

    If you found it hard to select your game among hundreds of countries, competitions and events, we have a new tool that will make your life a lot easier. Quick search is a feature which you need to click on the tip submission form. Once you select this, you will find a list with the games that are the closest to kickoff. (As you have to submit a tip at least one hour before the event starts by rule, you will only see games that qualify)

    If that is not enough, you can type in the team you want to bet on, and if they play within the next three days, you can select the game, and the necessary boxes will automatically be completed. After this, you only need to enter the selected outcome, odds, stake and analysis.

    Try to enter a new tip!

    You might want to bet on a game you don't find in the quick search option (because the game starts more than 3 days later, or it is from a lesser league). In this case you can use the old version or you can enter the game by hand. By rule, you should only enter a game by hand if it is not available in the list.

    We are currently working on implementing these useful features to other sports as well, so stay tuned! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact our support.

    We wish you a nice time on Logibet.com!

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    makai 23
    varin 1652
    Wow, really useful tool which makes the bet placing easier. I hope the american football will be the next :)
    golszerzo 9
    Really nice, I think it's an important tool for everybody to find the correct match from the list. What about other sports?
    makai 23
    Ez egy nagyon jó fejlesztés, sokkal gyorsabban meg lehet találni az eseményeket!