• The favorite season of most professional bettors has arrived, when the tipsters can beat the bookies

    As we brought it in a strong relief before, one of the most important aspects of sports betting is the ability to beat the bookmaker's odds and start the game with an advantage because of this. This happens quite rarely but if we examine closely the experts' bets it is clearly visible that you can win in the long run if you beat the so-called "closing line".  We have good news because according to most pros this period has just arrived.

    The preparatory matches of the European leagues are on their way with a lot of upcoming games and this is the favorite field of several professional bettors. Why? It is simple: these markets are the easiest to beat.

    How? We can gain an advantage against the bookies easily with the slower information flow. Every small detail counts and the target is to get these faster than the bookmakers so they cannot react to them by changing their odds.

    One perfect example was made last Thursday by mr.blonde, who had a strong pick on Budapest Hondvéd's friendly match. The Hungarian league champion of 2017 met with the Russian newcomer Orenburg. Orenburg was not only stronger in terms of team value but had better results in the previous games as well. Also, our tipster knew from reliable sources that two of the best Honvéd players, Eppel and Lanzafame would not play.

    Mr.blonde chose the DNB option when the odds was 2.00, and this example perfectly shows how valuable this was since it later dropped to 1.57. This alone is a big success because if you can find these leaks you can surely make big profits in the long run. After all, the pick turned out to be a winner as the Russians won the game 2-1.

    Furthermore, a lot of Logibet's tipsters are specialized in this specific field, mr.blonde, Tomihmv, and Griezmann just to name some.

    The hardly predictable World Cup is coming to an end shortly but as you can see, it is well worth to join us. The sub fee is still only 19 euro per month which contains all of our experts' picks, and if the likes of mr.blonde and onlyvape continue their good form then you can run up your bankroll in a blink of an eye.

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