• Our rookie tipster is making some noise with extreme picks!

    One of Logibet's tipsters called Onlyvape has achieved some really good result in just one and a half months.

    Although he is only at the rookie-level all of his stats worth a praise - the number of picks he makes, and the efficiency as well. 

    At the moment after 154 tips Onlyvape stands with +251 units and a +20.09% ROI and the tipster made profits in nine different sports! This achievement is unique because he made some tips on badminton, rugby, baseball, water polo and beach volleyball although made the biggest pluses with football and basketball.
    We can not say that our new talent works with the usual tips. Naturally, Onlyvape made some winning picks on the world cup, on the other hand, he had some tips in the Icelandic League, or the Cup of Chile and likes to bet on the lower leagues of Scandinavia too.
    Altogether it pretty much seems like, that it is well worth to keep on eye on this talented newcomer. Furthermore, the tips of Onlyvape is similarly just 19 euro per month, because with an LB subscription You can get access to all of our expert's picks!
    Logibet - Finding the edge
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