• Exciting days ahead of the subscribers of Logibet - it is really worth to join now!

    Europe's top leagues are coming to an end soon and a lot of long-term bets are ending with them, but the betting markets are abundant.

    The season that every sports bettor awaits has finally come. Legend has it that due to the lesser important games, those teams who still have something at stake are easier to predict hence the tipsters have an edge over the bookmakers. Almost every top leagues have crowned their champions already, however, the battle against the relegation continues, so you should definitely keep on eye on our expert's predictions on those sides.

    Those bettors who made long-term bets have high hopes about the upcoming days, because a lot of those picks coming to an end shortly, and our bankroll will get a nice bounce. We predicted Wolverhampton's first place at a 4.50 odds, Stoke City's relegation at a 7.00 odds and Cristiano Ronaldo's UCL Goldenboot will make a 40 unit profit for those who followed us.

    It is well worth to browse Logibet's expert's predictions because besides the ton of upcoming football games the clay tennis season is growing big in the following weeks. After Monte Carlo comes Barcelona then Madrid and finally the Roland Garros.

    The price of the subscription is still only 19 euro per month which seems like chicken feed, thanks to the results of the past months. Moreover, if our tipster's prediction is right, the following two months will be the most profitable ones.

    Logibet Finding the edge.
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