• New features - new rules!

    We have added new features that eases the life of tipsters and buyers as well. This also brings new rules that will be implemented from December 1.

    Since the launch of Logibet, it was possible to select Soccer events from a list of events, easing the work of tipsters, and making sure buyers would find the event at the bookmaker. We then added Quick search to eliminate browsing between events, which lead to not finding events.

    From now on, there are now 10 sports, which have the events list and also working in the quick search. These are: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Darts, Handball, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Tennis and of course Soccer.

    In order to further improve our service, we have changed some of the rules.

    1. If available in the events list, users HAVE to select the game from the list (or using quick search). Manually entering an event is only allowed if it is in a sport that is not in the aforementioned ten, or if the sport is available, but the event is not to be found.

    2. If the event is in the list, but there are no odds for the outcome you want to bet on, you still have to choose the event on the list, and then enter the outcome and odds by hand.

    3. Any details written by hand must be in English, except the analysis, which can be posted in German or Hungarian as well, provided the necessary language has been chosen at the analysis box. If the language is not correct, it still qualifies as an error.

    4. You can only make one bet for one event by any means. If you make multiple bets on one event, all but the first bet will be deleted.

    Failing on any of these rules will be resulting in deleting the tips regardless of the outcome and a warning. Collecting multiple warnings may result in exclusion.

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    varin 1652
    Oh, really great and useful features! Thank you, I appreciate!