• Changes in the life of Logibet

    A new era started back in September 2017 as we switched from a credit-based to a monthly subscription fee system. The recent months have validated our decision since a lot of users have tried out the new scheme, in which you can reach several hundreds, if not thousands of tips with just one subscription.

    This won't change in the future, meaning that for only 149 euro, you can sub to all of our tipsters, equalling an approx. 10 cent/tip ratio. Why is subscribing worth it? Our master tipsters have been on fire recently! Over the course of the past four months they delivered a +60 unit gain, which equals a ROI of circa 8%.

    So what does the change mean in practice? Here is a simple example: if someone subs for three months, then the fee could be recouped with less then 10 euro/unit bets. Based on 20 euro/unit bets, a 500 euro profit could be achieved over the same period of time.

    Along with the new subscription system we also roll out some exciting updates:
    - we raised the maximum obtainable unit/tip from 50 to 100
    - the multiple tips for one game rule will soon be introduced
    - tips with analyisis will also soon be applied, giving you an even better user experience
    - the cashouts are processed on the 6th and 20th each month and are credited to Skrill accounts in the following three workdays

    Furthermore, we are going to introduce new sanctions regarding our tipsters in your favor. In the future, tipsters who misuse our system are going to be suspended, regardless of on-purpose or accidental misleading of our users.

    If you have more questions, check our new Guidelines and FAQ pages, or contact our support!

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