• All you need to know about Logibet's new subscription model

    One subscription, and you will receive all of Logibet's tips!

    September 2017 starts a new era in the history of Logibet. Our previous, credit-based, complex model has been replaced by a much more user-friendly version.

    From now on, everyone with an active subscription will see all of the tips posted by all of the tipsters. This means more than 1500 tips per month. What does that cost? €149/month, which means less than 10 Eurocents per tip. If you buy a 6 month membership, you have to pay €599, so your monthly subscription will be under only €100.

    All of Logibet's users have the chance to try the subscription for only €5!

    How does the service work?

    Step 1: Register at Logibet

    Step 2: Select the length of the supscription, or try the service for the first month for only €5!

    Step 3: Follow the tipsters of your choice, so you will receive their tips via e-mail

    Step 4: Check the results of other tipsters, look at the Toplists, to select the best tipsters in each sport! Look at all of the tips for a single event to make sure you bet on the right outcome!

    Step 5: Enjoy the winning tips!

    If you have more questions, check our new Guidelines and FAQ pages, or contact our support!

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    Tippergreta 217
    Nem mondom, hogy rossz elképzelés, de talán nem lenne rossz ötlet, ha a vásárló előfizethetne egy adott tippadóra vagy tippadócsoportra, aki/amelyik szimpatikus neki, így nem kell több 100 eurót fizetnie.
    WBT 9
    Egy megvalósult álom. Esetleg nem lehetne még tovább húzni? Például hogy az fizessen aki a tippet adja, vagy valami hasonlót?