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  • Welcome Everyone in my profile!

    I've been engaged in sports betting for 3 years. As my results show, at the beginning there was a worse, harder time, but we managed to get up.

    I usually try to find value in low or medium odds, but sometimes I come up with big stakes and analyzes. I prefer tennis and football, I've been following them since my childhood. I'm trying to make a profit from these sports. Many times I play live, I like to watch the development of matches in a tennis match. In most cases, after a few games, you can infer what is expected. I can't share these tips here, but I try to provide enough valuable tips.

    I wish you every success!

    • - Here comes the Spring!

      Dear Subscribers!

      I'm happy with the last month. This was great. We made 27 unit profit and we had a 70% hit rate in this period. In March, I'll try to work with fewer tips but more efficiency.

      In March:

      1. The UCL continues. There are close retreats. I have a few good ideas.
      2. European top leagues. The battle in England and Germany is on the rise, but most of all, as I will deal with Spanish tips.
      3. Indian Wells and Miami: 3 weeks of quality tennis and great opportunities. The big ones are not tired yet and these two tournaments are "mini GS", which is a great motivation for everyone.
      We hope we can keep upward. I'll be on it
      Good luck to everyone!