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  • I started betting on sports sometime in 2011 during my High School years, perhaps needless to say, with far more failures than successes. However, it was sports betting that made me fall in love with football and, by watching the matches with Barcelona's style, which I find grandiose. I have been a Barcelona fan since 2012, they are definitely the team I can fully identify with! I have my favourite teams in the other leagues, but the sympathy I feel for them is not comperable what I feel for Barcelona.

    During the university years, the game went better, there were some big wins, but the number of bad picks was also very high. It was during this period that I discovered a number of sports betting sites, which I still use to this day in preparation for matches. I stopped betting on sports before the end of my university years, other things came into focus, so I stopped for years, but I continued to follow the games, mainly Barcelona of course.

    I started betting on sports again sometime in 2021 (when I was introduced to Logibet), but it was just for the enjoyment of the game, not for profit. But before the start of the 2022/2023 season, I decided that I wanted to get serious about it and since then I have been betting more carefully, but also with the necessary courage. Thanks to this, my balance is positive, so I started my tipster profile on this site.

    I hope I can give you many useful tips and we will have a lot of success together! My preferred sport is football, I know the other popular sports and I know the basics, but football is the only one that has grown on my heart, so you can expect tips from me from the world of football. Basically, I bet on the top 5 European countries (England, Germany, Italy, Spain, France) matches in the league and/or cup, and of course the Champions League and Europa League are not to be left out, along with the major international tournaments (European Championships, World Cup). In most cases, I post my picks after the starting line-up has been given, so you can expect them in the hour before the match. The tips are my own, I do not publish them anywhere else, if you are interested, please subscribe and if you have any questions about anything, just write a comment below the tip and I am at your disposal!