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    • - Clay season - Tip number

      The clay season starts from the weekend. I don't like it, I don't want it, but it's coming: D But due to the fact that I've opened up to more specialized markets, on one hand I don't bother so much with clay, and on the other hand I'm hoping for a really good month. In addition to having a lot less overall winning and handicap tips, reducing the number of tips will also be a goal, and hopefully I won’t go over 100 tips very much, which might be more beneficial in terms of signing up.

      In conclusion, I start teh Sping with high hopes and more innovations, good luck to us!

    • - Results - changes

      The first tight quarter was very poor, no matter how hard I tried to do the same thing so far, the profit fell short, the number of tips increased, which became the worst combo. In any case, I have not changed anything during this difficult period, and the situation is not dangerous, March can even be profitable. 
      The serious changes to twill be that I will reduce my markets and focus on ATP tournaments while minimizing challengers. On the one hand, fewer tips are expected, I want to produce better tips from less match In other respects, On teh other hand I add the break and ace / double fault market, because there are great opportunities in bet and the results were very successful in the short term as well. I hope this will once again steer the profits of tennis in the right direction.

      The only positive from the last period is the Biathlon, which I have never betting so far because I considered it too unpredictable, but with these few tips I managed to achieve a nice result, so from next season I will continue from here.

      I only hope for a more successful continue, good luck to everyone!

    • - Grand Slam periods

      The 2021 season started with two tournaments where I have already managed to forget the weak ITF period (after that I will probably let go of the ITF tournaments completely) and the first week went very well.

      Although the Australian Open will only take place in February, its qualifiers will start tomorrow, and something comes to mind about that.

      Since the Grand Slam tournaments, qualifiers (and other 64 main table tournaments) will have a lot of matches in the first rounds, so I expect a lot of tips, I will leave the justifications to leave at this time. It takes a lot of time, and I don’t want to waste time, because I dont want to go to the detriment of odds. Still, it’s going to be just as conscious a tip, so you don’t have to attach any importance to it.

    • - December, 2021

      December was a test month in several ways. Basically, I wanted to skip the ITF tournaments, eventually going through all the tournaments for the month. This has been a resounding success, but overall I’m not dissatisfied, I dealt with this market for the first time. It was definitely good to assess yes it makes sense to deal with it if we don’t have an ATP or Challenger tournament in a week. There’s only one ITF tournament left of the year for which tips can come in the same way, but it’s obviously negligible, which is why I’m closing the month. The month is in 33 units, which  certainly doesn’t change too much. Now, and by 2021, my basic goal is a monthly average of 5 stakes profit, which is what I have now. The tennis results leave some sense of lack, because they perform 90% of my tips.

      The football tips so far are perfect literally, so I definitely use this a less but stronger tips strategic in the future as well. In addition, there is the bithlon, which I follow regularly, so in the winter season, I send tips on a similar way than the football. So far, the stat is being pulled up nicely, I hope it will stay that way next year as well.

      Basically nothing will change, from January there will be a full focus on the ATP and Challenger season. However, based on the race calendar created so far, the first months will not be too dense, so it could easily be that ITF tips will come as well.

      I have varied the stake system a bit, but the current 5 and 7 strengths will remain  for a while surely, so the introduction will be updated.

      That all in advance from 2021, I hope we will be even more successful!

      Happy New Year to everyone!

    • - Logibet first month rating

      The first 1 month brought a lot of variance, because when I joined at the end of October I was in a pretty bad series, and it was very visible on the logibet.  I started with -6 bets, but luckily November was outstanding and close with 10+ bets, whatever the outcome of the last few tips.  This is a natural variance which is natural in sport betting, but I’m glad that we’re clearly in plus overall by the end of November.


       I wrote the review now because the ATP season is over, and the Challenger season only includes two clay tournaments next week.  By the way, betting on clay tournaments isn’t my favorite anyway, and the ITF tournaments does not belong to my default markets so after next week the number of tips will drop a lot and beside the ITF tips, a few football tips are expected till the start of the 2021 season.


       So I’m not going to stop at all, but December will be more about rest and getting ready for the restart in January.


       In any case, thank you to those who have already subscribed to the tips, and from January I will try with renewed strenght to continuously increase the porphite.


       Good luck to us!