Griezmann (78)
Logibet index
1854/ 4565
15451545 / 4008
10321032 / 1569
14401440 / 1573
Avg. odds
Win rate
51.86% Won41.52% Lost6.62% Money back
Tip count1616
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  • Hi guys!

    1 unit: 0,5% of the bankroll

    5 units: 2.5% of the bankroll

    • - Break in service

      I feel it's time to take a break. Unfortunately, the current Logibet system does not provide enough motivation to continue, so I am temporarily retiring.

      At the same time, it is important to add that it is not the system that has produced these terrible results and the often misguided, compulsive betting, it is entirely my fault.

      However, I do not wish to continue with the current payout structure, as it is contrary to what I believe is fair to tipsters.

      I hope this problem will be solved soon, as well as the speed of sending tips.

      I would like to apologise to all those who have placed their trust in me and have been disappointed. I hope to return as a tipster soon, in a different model, and you will see a different, more motivated Griezmann.

    • - A disappointing year

      The year 2023 is drawing to a close, and unfortunately it has not been a good year overall. 50-60 units of profit at 2.2% ROI is not good enough.

      The summer friendlies were sensational, but Hungarian football struggled all year. 

      In 2024, the focus will be mainly on Hungarian football and friendlies, and we are still getting to know the Tippmixpro offer. After a few weeks, it seems to me that we will be able to use the Hungarian bookmaker very well for Hungarian football, so I hope we can improve here.

      For the next year, the goal is an average monthly profile of 20-30 picks, preferably with a minimum ROI of 5, but preferably closer to 10%.

      Happy holidays everyone and thank you for your trust!

    • - Cashout + Rebet

      If you can cashout (or make a counterbet) wthout loss from PEAC 3way do it and put the money on -0.25 on @1.80.

    • - News for the weekend

      When the asian lines for NB III matches arrive, there will probably be a lot of picks. The current plan is to have 6-7 picks. I think it will be due tomorrow morning.

    • - Summer summary

      Dear subscribers,

      I am extremely pleased with the stats for June and July, I feel we have managed to correct the stumble in May. The friendly matches went incredibly well, we performed far above expectations.

      There will be more pre-season matches, but from August onwards, I expect the number of tips to drop back to an average of 15-25. Fewer picks are expected for the rest of July, as there will be fewer matches with Hungarian interest.

      Thank you all for your trust after chaotic May!

    • - Number of the picks

      As you may noticed, the number of picks has increased in 2023. However I don't think this  will be regular, but because of the friendly games we have more options.

      From March, I think we will get back on 10-20 pick on average.

      I also really appreciate the great number of subscribers and the results since the comeback.

    • - Picks for the rest of the year

      I'm extremely satisfied by the results since I've returned, especially with the women soccer results. We've got some huge values with high stakes.

      Just 1 round remained from the Simple League, but there will be some World Cup picks. Besides the Hungarian picks, I'm expecting a 5-10 picks for the rest of the year, so don't be supsrised if we would have just 4-5 picks in December. 

      I hope we can close the year with the same result as we had since August.

    • - Tips

      After a 1 year break, the profil will be reactivated with several changes. 

      In the past, tipping was mainly on Discord, mainly Hungarian-related ideas came out, this is changing a bit. There will be pre-tips, 8-15 per month and mostly from foreign sources, or from  foreign minor leagues.

      Because I want a service that is easy for everyone to follow, there will be only Bet365 tips, but not exclusively football. Our goal is 6-8% ROI in longterm.

      These tips will not be published on any other site or group, and there will be no overlap between the tips published elsewhere.

    • - Important update

      Due to personal reasons, I won't continue publishing picks at Logibet or Discord.

      I would like to thank you to the Logibet and all of my subscribers the previous successful years.

      All the bests for everyone!

    • - FC Juniors OO - LASK Linz


      Bet365 changed the odds, please cash out.