• World Cup 2018 - To bet or not to bet?

    We are only a couple of weeks away from the kick-off in Russia, and every tipster around the world, no matter if pro or amateur, is waiting for it as for Christmas.

    However, it is advised to be cautious with these big tournaments since the bookies make only a few mistakes - just as in the Premier League or USA's major sports. The World Cup is the one tournament, where you have only a small chance to get better information about the match-deciding factors - like injuries, tactical changes etc. - than the bookmakers, so your chances are worse than usual. Nevertheless, these big tournaments offer some rare betting markets which are not available at other games. The bookies are bombing the bettors with special bonuses and promotions, and there are several crazy betting options.

    In fact, if we believe in the numbers and we accept, that only two percent of the bettors are profitable in the world, then if one played the WC over and over again, they would have an even worse chance than that. The question arises as to who should we buy tips from, and how should we bet.

    Well, the best tipsters in the world are not the best by accident. They know exactly where to find the value picks and what are the weak points of the bookies, even in these big tournaments. They can make big profits from spoiled odds and special betting options as well.

    At Logibet you can filter the best experts by their favorite sports, so you can choose those who have a speciality in football per se. At the moment Tippergreta, varin and Tomihmv have the best statistics in this field so if you are a football fanatic it is definitely worth following them.

    The upcoming World Cup offers a wide variety of markets for the betting lovers, however, if one wants to make some profit out of it, then it is worth trusting the pros.

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