• Where is it Legal to Place Online Wagers in the US?

    The sports betting industry is taking over the United States, with new states jumping on board all of the time. Most states have started out by allowing their casinos or race tracks to start taking bets on sports, but the mobile/online wagering is where the real money is made.

    States who have begun offering online sports betting have seen a ton of revenue coming in, and other states are trying to get it legalized as well. There are currently six states that allow online wagering, with several more ready to go live soon.

    Top States with Online Wagering

    Nevada: Nevada was once the sports betting capital of the world, but they can’t make that claim anymore. The city of Las Vegas is still bringing in a ton of money via online sports betting, but they have plenty of competition from other states across the country. There are no sports betting websites in the state of Nevada, but almost all of the casinos do offer some sort of mobile wagering.

    New Jersey: New Jersey has had months where they have brought in more money than Nevada via sports betting, and online wagering is the biggest reason. There are 13 different online sportsbook apps in the state of New Jersey, and DraftKings and FanDuel have a huge presence there as well.

    Pennsylvania: Online sports betting in Pennsylvania is still relatively new, with things having kicked off in May 2019. SugarHouse Sportsbook PA was the first company to take an online bet, but a trio of other sportsbooks have opened up.

    West Virginia: West Virginia launched online sports betting in December 2018, but there have been some issues along the way. The state’s mobile wagering site is currently shut down in the midst of a technology battle.

    Mississippi: There is currently just one spot to place an online sports bet in the state of Mississippi, but some other options should pop up soon. State rules and regulations require a sports bet to be placed on casino property, but those casinos have the ability to offer an online sportsbook on their premises.

    States in the On-Deck Circle

    There are several states who have already legalized mobile/online sports betting, but things haven’t quite launched yet. The list of states who are waiting to go live with online sports betting is Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Oregon. There is a long list of other states who are hoping to launch in the year 2020, but there are still several questions that need to be answered. Here is a quick look at each of the states with a plan to launch this fall.

    Iowa: The state of Iowa is set to launch sports betting on Aug. 15, but online wagering won’t come until a little way down the road. There are at least 15 casinos in the state of Iowa that are hoping to launch an online sportsbook, but they all have to be approved by the state.

    Indiana: Indiana is another state that is set to launch sports betting very soon. The “Hoosier State” will allow online sports betting right away, but casinos will need to partner with an online sportsbook. The state of Indiana currently has no plans to launch its own betting website.

    Rhode Island: The state of Rhode Island passed a law to approve online sports betting, and it is expected to open up this fall. William Hill will operate the online app for the state, and there will be limited betting options available.

    Oregon: The state of Oregon hasn’t announced many plans, but the state lottery will be in charge of the sports betting scene when it launches. Lawmakers in Oregon have given the Indian tribes that own the casinos the opportunity to offer an online sportsbook, but it is unclear how many of them will start one up.

    Illinois: Things aren’t very clear in Illinois as to when they are going to go live with mobile sports betting. State lawmakers were hoping to get things going by the end of the year, but a launch date in 2020 is a bit more realistic. Illinois has extremely high licensing fees that are scaring some major players away.

    Tennessee: The state of Tennessee is preparing to launch online sports betting with the start of the 2019 NFL season. Tennessee will become the first state to have “online-only” sports betting, as there won’t be any physical establishments taking bets on sports.

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