• Week 9 results at Logibet

    The Juniors have put on a show on week 9

    Our Senior duo's friendly match once again yielded varin as the winner of the week. Once again thanks to lots of tips with big average odds, a 50% hit rate was enough for +6.81 units of profit for one of the hottest tipsters of the year.

    Newlbot took inspriration from once again advancing to the Juniors. He made great tips in soccer and tennis as well, meaning that 15 tips were enough to make +48.09 units. Also shining this week is zotya1981, who is in the fast lane to be a Senior after once again posting a 67-tip. +17.86-unit performance last week. Also on the winning site was knorbika, making the Juniors winners as a group as well.

    The Rookie group had some outstanding performances as well, for example statraki, who had 17 tips for +55.5 profit. Diecisiete (+21.68), TippKing (+21.76), Majzik42 (+22.42) and Stalker_0222 (+15.58) also had memorable performances.

    As the best tips of the week, we have chosen varin's Oscar tip which 8-folded your money, and zotya1981 for his over 7.5 tip on the New York derby.

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