• Week 8 results at Logibet

    Our Senior is still in great form!

    Logibet tipsters are still in exceptional form in 2016, as all of the groups are in the positive for the whole year. The Senior group's continued on its course on week 8, their subscribers had a lot to cheer for again.

    Thankfully, the luck of varin still did not come back to haunt him, so we could once again applaud his results from mostly high odds. Out of 49 tips, the profit was 28.71 this time, resulting in 13.48% ROI.

    The Junior group could not keep up the streak of winning weeks. Reptile was successful though, 14 tips and +5.98 profit was enough for the best result among the Juniors.

    The Rookie group was once again in the winning side, so there is no surprise we can once again praise more tipsters. Fletossy had 33 tips and 49.26 units of profit, but besides him WBT, Hanyistok21, pernahajder, egyszersmind and fogad90 produced bankroll-pleasing results for their buyers.

    As for the best tips of the week, it belongs to varin once again, whose NHL-tip was not only a great a find at 6.41 odds, it was also a free tip, so anybody could have profited with it.

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