• Week 7 results at Logibet

    The good run continues, Logibet users could once again pocket the big winnings!

    The second week of February was one of the best in Logibet history. While it would have been hard to duplicate the results, we could at least hope to get close to them. Luckily our hope was not far-fetched, and our tipsters made a hefty profit.

    Of the two Seniors, it was once again varin who was the more active, and indeed, more profitable as well. This time around, his stomping ground was basketball, winning him and his subscribers a massive profit, which was +24.19 units out of 43 tips.

    The tipster in unstoppable form is zotya1981, who once again did not show any sign of stopping, finishing with a great result, mostly because of ice hockey again. 70 tips resulting in 81.54 units, this equals 21.02% ROI on the usually great 3.16 average odds. Those who invested into Kormanyzo21 won as well, thanks to his 6-out-of-7 result and 12.8 units of profit.

    As always, the Rookie group has some outstanding results as well. Gtfanatic (+66.62), newlbot (+64.29) and fogado90 (+35.3)had some impressive performances, but ledocs1, Hanyistok21 and fletossy deserve an honorable mention as well.

    Among the best tips of the week, we have to mention zotya1981 with his 10-goal NHL-over, newlbot with his tenniscorrect score, as well as varin's usually brave goalscorer bet.

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