• Week 6 results at Logibet

    One of the best weeks ever on Logibet - wins across all levels!

    The second week of February brought a breakthrough to some of our tipsters, which meant all three of our tipster levels were big winners. We hope many of you joined them in their journey!

    Of our two Seniors, mr.blonde was the quiter one, but he still had a good week, because his three tips meant +2.15 units, equalling 13.44% ROI. Our once-again-Senior, varin however threw 38 tips at the bookies, stealing 60.65 units from them. He stayed true to his strategy, working with high odds and stakes, one of which made it into our tips of the week.

    The last weeks however were all zotya1981, who never lifted off the accelerator, and produced godlike numbers again. 46 tips, +131.29 units, 3.39 average odds, crying bookies along the way. Besides him, Tomihmv also had a respectable week with seven tips worth +17.98 units of profit, but knorbika and Kormanyzo21 generated revenue to their subscribers as well.

    The Rookie group also did not want to fall short of the higher groups, which meant a nice profit. Fogado90 deserves the highest praise, turning fifty tips into +93.59 units of profit, but Kezso, pernahajder, statraki and diecisiete had happy subscribers this week as well.

    Among the best tips of the week varin stands out with his goalscorer bet for John Guidetti netting 6 times the stake. Fogado90 made a bet on the Greek Second Division for 5.50 odds, 8 stake.

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